30-Sept-2021 has been announced as last date to claim GST refund or K3 Tax for Air Tickets purchased in last Financial Year.

If you have purchased or issued tickets in the last financial year i.e, 2020-2021 or more precisely from 1-Apr-2020 till 31-Mar-2021 and would like to process the refund of the same than a tax known as K3 Tax or GST on your ticket pricing can be claimed only if you process the ticket for refund on or before 30-Sept-2021.

The above rule is nothing new but had been in place for more than last 3 years and had been followed by all Airlines except few.

Air India on the other hand had fixed 25-Sep-2021 as last date to apply for refund if you wish to claim the GST tax back. Any applications after 25-Sep-2021 will be processed after deducting K3 Tax (GST).

Air India Quotes – Any document issued as Prime Sale during the period 01 April 2020 to 31 March 2021, can be refunded with GST (K3) till 25th of September 2021. To  adhere with  the timelines of GST law, Air India will accept refund claims/Refund Authority (RA) with GST (K3) till 25-Sep-2021.

People who have purchased Air Tickets from India have to follow 2 different set of rules – one set by Govt and other set by Airlines themselves for the same proceeding? Really Hillarious….

For Airlines like Air India who have still suspended their automated live refunds (opening occasionally), one has to make sure they apply through Refund Application on BSP, if you have issued your tickets through a Travel Agent including an Online Agent before the deadline mentioned by your Airlines. Tickets issued directly from Air India either through a call centre or Air India Website or city offices needs to be cancelled directly from Airlines.

Note – The above rule applies or the deadline will remain same even if you have rescheduled or reissued your original ticket on or after 01-Apr-2021(Current financial year). Lets elaborate this by saying that you purchased your ticket in last financial year but due to any reason rescheduled it after 01-Apr-2021, even than the Original Date of Purchase will be considered for the deadline. Even if you are eligible for a Full refund due to any reason the GST will be non refundable.



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