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Maldives Reopening for Indian Passengers from 15th July,21

Maldives to allow Indians passengers from 15th July’21.

Something to cherish for Indian travellers as Maldives welcomes South Asian countries from 15 th July.

As per the announcement from Maldives Tourism Ministry, Tourists traveling from South Asia will be issued on-arrival tourist visa, tentatively from 15th July 2021 subject to review of the Covid-19 situation of the respective South Asian Country at that time.

As advised by Maldives Tourism Ministry, Effective from 7th July 2021, with below conditions, working papers holders traveling from South Asian Countries can enter Maldives;

  • Should hold a negative result for a macromolecule test (PCR test) for COVID- l9 before entry into the Maldives, including those that have completed the prescribed dose(s) of Covid-19 vaccines. The sample for the PCR test must be taken at least 96 hours before departure
    from the primary deportation point.
  • To undergo mandatory travel quarantine of 14 days as per the rules set forth by Health
    Protection agency at a approved quarantine facility.
  • Undertake a PCR test for Covid-19 within 48 -72 hours of arrival to Maldives.
  • Undertake a PCR test for Covid-19 upon completion of 14 days of travel quarantine and
    will be released on receiving a negative result.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic tourism business has taken massive toll , where Maldives
economy is majorly dependent on tourism. Maldives being most appreciated beach attractions in the world, due to second wave
travellers were prohibited from India. Now seeing the reducing number of Covid-19 cases in India, Maldives has once again opened its borders and welcoming Indian travellers with all the Covid-19 safety requirements.



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